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Commentaries by Paul Sedille

Paul Sedille

Founder, of EurasianVision newsletter

Paul Sedille is a journalist and filmmaker based in Hong Kong, founder of the EurasianVision newsletter. A graduate of the Beijing Film Academy, Sciences Po Paris, and Sorbonne University (Paris VI), Paul’s work focuses on political and cultural dynamics across the Eurasian space. He has significant on-the-ground experience in China and throughout key hubs of the New Silk Road.
  • May 04, 2017

    As the new U.S. administration has undercut its commitments to multilateral institutions and challenged free trade orthodoxy, China has upgraded its image as a pillar of globalization and doubled down on its Belt and Road Initiative. Amid the ongoing uncertainty for the future of globalization, it is thus possible to understand China’s BRI as part of a formative “Silk Road system,” an emerging economic substructure – “Sino-centric” yet symbiotic to the U.S.-shaped Bretton Woods.

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