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Commentaries by Peter Sies

Peter Sies

Master, School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University

Peter Sies is currently pursuing his Master's in International Relations at the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University. His areas of specialization include Economics, Energy Economics, and the war in Ukraine. Prior to joining SAIS, Peter completed his Bachelor's degree in an interdisciplinary International Relations program at TU Dresden, Germany. He further interned for a political foundation in Antananarivo, Madagascar, and supported social projects as a volunteer in Manizales, Colombia.
  • Sep 20, 2023

    After years of pursuing global emission reductions through multilateral agreements, more confrontational tides in international relations, intensified by U.S.-China rivalry, might unexpectedly drive stronger climate action. A great power competition for leadership in green technology and future market dominance could ultimately favor the climate.

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