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V01: Chinese Dream and Asian Security

April , 2014


In this inaugural issue of “China US Focus Digest”, ten exclusive commentaries have been selected from the 92 pieces published on in the last two months.

I select these articles because they provide insightful perspectives on the current “hot topics” concerning China-US relations. And these articles are ranked among the most viewed pieces on the website and on our social media platforms. It is my hope that this collection will serve as a review of the key issues over the past two months, and provide insight into how they are perceived by opinion leaders from both China and the US.

The cover story in this issue is an exclusive interview with Ambassador Fu Ying, the NPC spokeswoman. Ambassador Fu offers her opinions on topics including the “Chinese Dream”, China-Japan relations, and the US’ Pivot to Asia policy.

Moving on to domestic China issues, Professor Tong Zhiwei, an expert on the Chinese Constitution, argues that China needs a “system construction” to address the root-causes of corruption.

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  • It is my pleasure to introduce to you our inaugural magazine, “China-US Focus Digest”, a bi-monthly publication with selected commentaries from our website. The purpose of this magazine is to make it easier for busy supporters of the Foundation, like yourself, to have a regular review of all the topical issues discussed on the website, and to obtain a panoramic, authoritative view of both countries.

    Tung Chee Hwa

  • Anti-corruption efforts can be broken down into two levels: the level of addressing symptoms and the level of addressing the root-causes. The former is aimed at removing the symptoms of corruption, while the latter is aimed at preventing and eradicating its root-causes.

    Tong Zhiwei

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