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October , 2014


The China-US relationship is one of the most consequential bilateral relationships in the world. The two countries should actively build a higher level of strategic mutual trust in order to manage their differences. By publishing selected articles from, it is our hope that this China US Focus Digest will help you review the key issues currently facing the two countries.

Ted Carpenter’s article “Should U.S. Consider Accepting a Chinese Monroe Doctrine?” has been chosen as the cover story of this issue. The author suggests that the U.S. should accept Chinese primacy in East Asia, and consider alternatives to the fraying policy of “congagement”—a mixture of engagement and containment towards China. This article provides a fresh perspective on China-US relations, because it implores Washington to opt for a strategy of sustainable engagement with China.

China’s ongoing anti-corruption drive and Hong Kong’s electoral reform are both hot topics. Tong Zhiwei, an expert on China’s constitution, says the downfall of Zhou Yongkang and Xu Caihou has set a milestone in China’s deepening antigraft campaign and has cleared the path for the rule of law in China. On Hong Kong politics, Stephen Harner argues that the deep cultural differences between the US and China has contributed to discord over the selection process of the Hong Kong Chief Executive in 2017. 

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  • One admittedly controversial option would be to accept the likelihood that China, by virtue of its greater population and mounting economic and military capabilities, is destined to become the dominant power in East Asia.

    Ted Carpenter

  • In the past 35 years since the establishment of diplomatic ties, relations between China and the US on the whole have moved forward and made historic progress.

    Wu Jianmin

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