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April , 2020


Under the Same Sky

First and foremost, we would like to begin by paying tribute to the healthcare workers and first responders around the world for their relentless efforts in dealing with the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. Our thoughts are with them, and with all the individuals, families, and communities affected by this crisis.

We open this edition of Digest with China-US Focus Editor-at-Large and World Health Organization Goodwill Ambassador James Chau, who shares his personal thoughts on the ongoing outbreak, which at this moment in time seems far from over. It continues to take lives, ravage economies, cause panic, and in some cases, foster hate and division. Based on his expertise in global health, Chau’s observations are somber, yet hopeful.

Other Focus contributors featured in this issue provide insights and explore the impacts, far and near, of the pandemic on global growth, humanity, geopolitics, and global governance. Their commentaries shed light on how the worldwide fight against a largely unknown virus is opening a window of opportunity for China and the United States to narrow their ever-growing rifts, and how that window is quickly closing.


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  • We are not properly positioned to prepare for the ‘future of now’: climate change, endemic poverty and hunger, COVID-19, and more.

    James Chau

    Host of The China Current
  • Worse still, some senior officials in the United States are looking at the epidemic through an ideological prism, further poisoning China-U.S. relations.

    Chen Dongxiao

    President, Shanghai Institutes for International Studies
  • The world began to appreciate that the “Wuhan model” was the only way to defeat the epidemic.

    George Koo

    Board Member New America Media
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