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Media Report
April 04 , 2019
  • Reuters reports, "Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte told China on Thursday to 'lay off' an island occupied by Manila in the disputed South China Sea and said he would deploy his soldiers there if Beijing touches it. Duterte's remarks, which he said was not a warning but rather a word of advice to a friend, follow a statement made by the foreign affairs ministry calling the presence of more than 200 Chinese fishing boats near Thitu island illegal. 'I will not plead or beg, but I am just telling you that lay off the Pagasa because I have soldiers there. If you touch it, that's a different story. I will tell the soldiers "prepare for suicide mission",' Duterte said in a speech, using the local name for Thitu. Duterte has repeatedly said he would not go to war with China because it would be suicide."

  • The New York Times reports, "President Trump on Thursday is likely to announce plans for a future summit meeting with President Xi Jinping of China where the two will try to resolve remaining trade issues and sign a final agreement between the United States and China, people familiar with the matter said. The announcement is expected to coincide with an afternoon meeting at the White House between Mr. Trump and Liu He, the Chinese special envoy, who has been in Washington this week for discussions with American negotiators. The United States and China have not finalized a trade deal, and will continue to negotiate over remaining issues in the coming weeks. But an agreement to schedule a summit meeting suggests both sides are eager to come to a compromise that would end months of tensions between the countries and could prompt a rollback of at least some of the tariffs that the United States has imposed on Chinese goods."
  • The New York Times reports, "The arrest of a Chinese woman who carried a malware-laced device into Mar-a-Lago, President Trump's Florida resort, has exposed porous security at the private club and escalating tensions between Secret Service agents and the resort's staff members, who vet guest lists and allow people onto the sprawling grounds. At times neither side has had full clarity on who was entering Mar-a-Lago. Secret Service agents must rely on club receptionists and other employees to crosscheck visitors, former officials said. Communication breakdowns allow for security breaches — like the one on Saturday, when the woman, Yujing Zhang, 32, was arrested with four cellphones, a hard drive, a laptop and a malware-infected thumb drive. She said she was there to attend a 'United Nations Friendship Event' that had never been scheduled."
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