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Media Report
May 14 , 2019
  • The Washington Post reports, "The United States and China traded blows on Monday in the latest escalation of their tariff war, unnerving Wall Street and threatening to draw American consumers into the fray for the first time. Both nations, which just days earlier had anticipated sealing a comprehensive commercial deal, instead took steps to raise new trade barriers. In Beijing, the Chinese government announced plans to impose tariffs on $60 billion worth of American products in retaliation for U.S. tariffs that President Trump increased on Friday. Trump, meanwhile, began the process of expanding U.S. tariffs to cover all $540 billion in Chinese imports — a potentially seismic jolt to the global economy that is expected to raise prices for everyday products such as cell phones, sunglasses, cameras and televisions."
  • Bloomberg reports, "President Donald Trump said he'll meet with China's Xi Jinping and Russia's Vladimir Putin at the Group of 20 summit in Japan in June. 'It makes sense to get along with Russia' Trump told reporters Monday during a meeting with Hungary's Viktor Orban. Trump's relationship with Putin continues to draw scrutiny in the U.S. as Democratic lawmakers try to move forward with their own probes related to Russian interference in the 2016 election. Late last year, Trump abruptly canceled a meeting with Putin that had been planned on the sidelines of the G-20 meeting in Argentina, after Russia refused to release Ukrainian ships and sailors it had seized in the Kerch Strait. The announcement of the meetings comes as the U.S. and China ratchet up a trade war that's weighing on global financial markets. China on Monday announced plans to raise duties on some American imports starting June 1, defying Trump's warning to resist further escalation. The move sent stocks tumbling."
  • CNBC reports, "A state-owned Chinese shipping company refused to lease an office space in New York City to human rights group Amnesty International U.S.A, The New York Times reported on Monday. Cosco Shipping acquired Orient Overseas in 2017, and took ownership the company's real estate investments, including the office building in question, called Wall Street Plaza. A spokeswoman for Amnesty International U.S.A. said the organization was told that it is 'not the best tenant' for a building owned by a Chinese state-owned firm, according to The New York Times. Amnesty, a non-governmental organization, regularly calls attention to human rights abuses in China. Recently that has included calls for the United Nations to establish an international fact-finding mission in China's Xinjiang territory: A 2018 Amnesty International report documents how China runs detention camps in the region where up to a million people are held and tortured for breaking a 'highly restrictive and discriminatory' law supposedly aimed at 'de-extremification' of Muslim ethnic groups."
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