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Media Report
July 07 , 2019
  • Susan Thornton wrote for Bloomberg that the notion that China seeks to displace the U.S. or overthrow the international system, for instance, is greatly exaggerated...In large part, it is based on the outpourings of a vocal minority..What China wants is continued stability and continued economic prosperity and growth, the key elements of its "China Dream." If China sees that U.S. global leadership is conducive to its continued progress, even as the U.S. and its allies continue to counter any aggression in the region, China's thinking is likely to evolve in one direction. If it believes that the U.S. is using the international system to block its Dream, it will respond accordingly...We need to pursue engagement aimed at shaping Chinese behavior, while shoring up a policy of balancing and deterrence that has worked well for 40 years and shows few signs of being seriously challenged by China in the near-term.
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