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Big Y- Intersections 2022 Global Economic Order Report

November , 2022


Since 2020, one of the most intuitive and profound manifestations of the accelerated global transformation has been the great change and dislocation of the world economy and global economic governance, which witnesses the end of “hyper globalization”, continued incapacitation of the global economic coordination mechanism, significant rise of “national security concerns” in the
economic development agenda of countries, reversal of the global sustainable development, as well as intertwined explicit or implicit challenges and crises, among others. How to analyze the driving force and root causes behind those changes and chaos? How to identify the turbulent evolution of international currency, finance, trade, investment, industrial chain, supply chain and other systems in the short, medium, or even long term? What new challenges and difficulties will global development
and its governance system face? What is the way out? The answers to these questions have a bearing on the long-term stability and predictability of the entire international system. This latest report by the SIIS World Economic Order Research Group has offered analyses and answers to the questions above.



  • Chapter I The Global Economic Order at a Big Y-Intersection

    Chapter II The Deeply Volatile Global Financial System: De-dollarization

    Chapter III Divergent Trajectories of Supply Chain Governance Systems

    Chapter IV Prominent Development Challenges and Governance Plights

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