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China's Initiatives and the Development of Shanghai Cooperation Organization

May , 2023


Conceptual Guidance and Cooperative Vision

Since its inception, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) has expanded the size and achieve a high level of maturity. SCO member states have jointly been combating the "Three Forces" of terrorism, separatism and extremism and carrying out all-field cooperation based upon the constructive partnership of "non-alignment, non-confrontation and non-targeting of third parties".
The SCO created a new paradigm of regional cooperation and made a unique contribution to the peace and development of Eurasia. By adhering to the "Shanghai Spirit", SCO member states have conducted concrete cooperation on politics, economy, security and people-to-people exchanges, setting a new model of international relations featuring mutual respect, fairness, justice and winwin cooperation. Today in the intertwined dynamics of the global raging of Covid-19 pandemic and profound changes unseen in a century, SCO member states relentlessly develop the "Shanghai Spirit" and actively enhance cooperation in various fields, particularly the delivery of mutual support in fighting the pandemic, which has greatly boosted the organization’s own stable development, global anti-pandemic efforts and multilateral cooperation.



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