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People-to-People Exchange
  • Jia Qingguo, Director and Professor, Institute for Global Cooperation and Understanding, Peking University

    Nov 18, 2023

    Resuming people-to-people exchanges is the most important first step in healing relations between China and the United States. Both sides must resist domestic political pressure and avoid provocation. Blacklists need to be scrapped.

  • Keisha Brown, Associate professor at Tennessee State University, Co-founder of Black China Caucus

    Nov 18, 2023

    In this interview with China-US Focus, Dr. Keisha Brown, made specific suggestions about how to bring diverse voices to the China space. She is an advocate for Fulbright programs returning to China and encouraging students to take the less-traveled path, such as going into rural area to diversify the American perspective. Her powerful personal narrative is one of life enrichment

  • Brian Wong, Assistant Professor in Philosophy, HKU and Rhodes Scholar

    Aug 30, 2023

    A recently published Pew Research Center study showcases the decline of China’s popular rating over the past few years. But the forest is always bigger than a single tree, and it’s important to interpret even reputable surveys through the lenses of their particular contexts, their participants, and the nature of the questions posed.

  • Brian Wong, Assistant Professor in Philosophy, HKU and Rhodes Scholar

    Aug 05, 2023

    Hong Kong has the opportunity to play a unique role in the Sino-American relationship, which would also help it maintain relevance on the world stage. Additionally, the SAR must diversify beyond the Sino-U.S. relationship.

  • Brian Wong, Assistant Professor in Philosophy, HKU and Rhodes Scholar

    Jul 04, 2023

    Daniel Bell, a former dean at a Chinese university, offers rare insight into contemporary Chinese life from a Western perspective. His lived experiences overseas can serve as a new lens through which to observe China, especially as media discourse sours on America’s rival.

  • Philip Cunningham, Independent Scholar

    Jul 03, 2023

    As tensions between China and the U.S. seemingly increase, it’s difficult for either side to overcome public perceptions shaped by the media and arrive at the point of intentional communication. But reflecting on the history of diplomatic relations between China and the U.S. reminds us that “it’s not about friendship, it’s about mutual self-interest.”

  • James Chau, President, China-United States Exchange Foundation

    Jun 29, 2023

    Just as a pianist practises a new piece of music slowly, with attention to every phrase, keeping the first signs of goodwill between Washington and Beijing on track calls for a disciplined use of words. More educational exchanges and people-to-people interactions will also help improve understanding and dispel fear and suspicion.

  • Brian Wong, Assistant Professor in Philosophy, HKU and Rhodes Scholar

    Dec 29, 2022

    The ability authors, musicians, and filmmakers have to tell stories can transcend geopolitics, but the current state of U.S.-China affairs offers almost nothing in terms of a meeting ground for the creatives of either side to exchange ideas. Repairing the cross-Pacific relationship will only get harder if big thinkers and storytellers cannot find a way to communicate.

  • CSIS, Center for Strategic & International Studies

    Nov 23, 2022

    Join CSIS for this hybrid event — in-person and live online — to hear from Trustee Chair in Chinese Business & Economics Scott Kennedy, who will discuss the takeaways from his recent extended research trip to China, the first by someone from the Washington think tank community since the outbreak of the pandemic. He will be interviewed and engage in discussion with Peking University Professor Wang Jisi, Founding President of Peking University's Institute of International and Strategic Studies (IISS) and one of China’s leading authorities on U.S.-China relations. They will discuss developments in domestic Chinese society, U.S.-China relations, and potential pathways to improving the relationship. This event is the bookend event to the February 2022 CSIS event, “A Beijinger in Washington”.

  • Philip Cunningham, Independent Scholar

    Nov 11, 2022

    The nature of scholar-to-scholar exchange between Chinese and American academics and students has evolved over the years. But as bilateral relations between China and the U.S. continue to deteriorate, it’s important to consider thoughts from past Chinese scholars who spent time in the U.S. And if we want to experience any kind of diplomatic breakthrough, we must remember that we’re often blinded by what our own society deems as right.

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