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Cui Tiankai: Phase One Agreement Boosts Confidence (Part 1)

January 21 , 2020

For the past seven years, Ambassador Cui Tiankai has led China's diplomatic mission in Washington, D.C. It was here on January 15, 2020, where the United States and China achieved a breakthrough by signing a Phase One trade agreement that shapes a new partnership for the world's two leading economies in an uncertain international landscape.

In his first interview since the signing, Ambassador Cui Tiankai spoke to James Chau, China-US Focus Editor-at-Large. He said: "This Phase One agreement is giving people better confidence not only for global economic prospects, but also for the possibility of major countries cooperating with each other on global issues."

Ambassador Cui also discusses the major threats to our peace today, from climate change to disease outbreaks, and references the normalization of US-China relations exactly 41 years ago as proof of what can be achieved together.

Transcripts as follows:

English transcripts PDF

Chinese transcripts PDF

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