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Tung Chee Hwa: Collaboration, Not Competition (part 5)

Oct 30 , 2019

"In Conversation with C.H. Tung" is a new series by China-US Focus that features highlights of a conversation between Editor-at-Large James Chau and Tung Chee-hwa, Hong Kong's First Chief Executive.

In part five of this interview, James and Mr Tung tackle the highly disputed issue of intellectual property rights. Mr Tung puts forward that worries in the U.S. that China is leveraging American intellectual property is unwarranted, for China has improved and continues to improve itself, both technologically and in terms of its legal system. In consideration of the rapid advancements China has made since its reform and opening-up in 1979, Mr Tung explains the current state of IPR and why it should no longer obstruct peaceful U.S.-China collaboration.


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