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Tung Chee Hwa on China-US Trade: Why They Need to Work Together

May 10 , 2019

The video is based on the remarks made by C.H. Tung, founding chairman of the China-United States Exchange Foundation, at a panel discussion titled “What’s Next for the World Ahead” during the Milken Institute’s 2019 Global Conference in Los Angeles on April 29, 2019.

A good US-China relation is good for China.  It's also good for America. But one other thing we must remember, good US-China relations is good for the world at large. 

There are many, many complicated issues the world needs to face. And I cannot imagine these problems can be solved by either America or by China. But together, there is a better chance.  

The China-US trade is really becoming more and more complementary. America is the largest producer of oil and gas in the world. You guess who is the largest buyer, that it's China. America is the largest producer of farm products. Who are the buyers, the largest buyer, it's China today. America is the largest producer of consumer goods of all kinds, who are the buyers, China today. So it's all happening. It's all happening very naturally, and the people in the business, they feel it. And that's why I'm also optimistic with my colleagues on the stage that I think that there is going to be hopefully a resolution.

What I'm saying is that the world is changing. But what China wants to do is to take advantage of this opportunity, make a better world for Chinese people. But also, importantly, make a better world for all of us. And may I add: do it together with the United States of America.

If China and the US is confrontational, and when there is no reason to be confrontational, you will be sure that all the other problems will be very difficult to solve. 

We have to be careful. So what I want to say to my American friends, is that US-China relations are too important. We got to figure out how we can solve this thing. It's too important for us.

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