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  • China-US Focus

    Feb 15 , 2018

    Labeling China as a strategic competitor reflects a growing anxiety about China’s rise, and the U.S. is faced with a historic choice of confronting China or working with China, argues veteran Chinese diplomat He Yafei.

  • China-US Focus

    Jan 25 , 2018

    In 2017, China called for the international community to make space for its voice, in particular the United States. Chinese political leaders said that China had no intention of competing with or replacing the United States, but that the U.S. should make peace with a China intent on a larger global role.

  • China-US Focus

    Dec 19 , 2017

    In the aftermath of President Trump’s Asia trip and China’s 19th Party Congress, it appears that the China-U.S. relationship will be led by two important new principles: President Xi’s “win-win cooperation,” and President Trump’s “deal-making,” which essentially amount to the same thing: a focus on more trade.

  • China-US Focus

    Dec 10 , 2017

    Source from 2017 Joint US-China Think Tank Reports. A Relationship Transformed. China: The China-U.S. relationship not only has longstanding problems but also has new challenges. U.S.: The rise of China represented a strategic challenge to America that we could not ignore.

  • Nov 28 , 2017

    The "special arrangements" such as Peking opera and dinning at the Forbidden City aimed to make Trump feel at home and expose him to more aspects of Chinese life so serious matters can be discussed in a relaxed setting.

  • Nov 22 , 2017

    The commercial relationship between the United States and China has grown enormously in breadth and depth over the past decades and has brought significant benefits to both countries, the Asia-Pacific region and the global economy.

  • Nov 20 , 2017

    Veteran Chinese diplomat He Yafei argues that the Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act (FIRRMA) targets China, and, if enacted, will hurt the Americans in the end.

  • Nov 15 , 2017

    Many Americans have been told that international trade - and more specifically, China’s trade relationship with the United States - is bad for workers and hurts US growth. Some American jobs have been lost. But, there are positives, too.

  • Nov 07 , 2017

    Find out about the basics of the 19th CPC National Congress: major policy initiatives about the war on poverty, sustainable development and transforming the state-owned enterprises, as well as the new top leadership team.

  • Oct 30 , 2017

    In this “He Talks” interview, Mr. He Yafei discusses the just concluded the 19th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party. “That’s the beginning of a new era – The New Era under President Xi Jinping,” he said.

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