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Kishore Mahbubani: Has China Won?

November 11 , 2020

The Pacific Dialogue returns with a special conversation with Kishore Mahbubani, the diplomat, academic, and author whose books help us understand and navigate the unfamiliar shifts overwhelming the world.

‘Has China Won?’ is his new release, about a country and a people he knows well, and the challenge it presents to American primacy. This, he describes as the foremost contest of the 21st century, where the US he writes has “abandoned” multilateralism, while he says China embraces it. Mr Mahbubani speaks with James Chau, Host of The Pacific Dialogue, who this year has conversed with thought leaders including Admiral Bill Owens, Secretary Mickey Kantor, Ambassador He Yafei and Professor Ezra Vogel.

You can listen to the whole conversation between Kishore Mahbubani and James Chau as a podcast here.



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