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'Pick the U.S. Up, Not Hold China Down'

September 05 , 2018

Today, there are 68,000 American companies who manufacture, distribute and sell goods in China. It challenges the belief that the Chinese market is closed to the U.S., when in fact China subsidiaries belonging to these American businesses sold 223 billion dollars’ worth of goods in 2015 alone. This 223-billion-dollar figure is not calculated into the US-China trade deficit.

Former U.S. Secretary of Treasure Larry Summers says, "I think the American strategy should be to pick the U.S. up, not hold China down. These are many steps that I think will push our economy forward. Increasing our infrastructure investment, increasing the commitment on basic science, and making investment in increasing hires, and proper rate of subsidies, provide human capital in community college education for our citizens."

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