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Video: Future of China US Relationship

December 10 , 2017

Source from 2017 Joint US-China Think Tank Reports.

A Relationship Transformed

China: The China-U.S. relationship not only has longstanding problems but also has new challenges.
U.S.: The rise of China represented a strategic challenge to America that we could not ignore.
Domestic Priorities Sets External Policies
China: "Great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation."
U.S.: "Make America Great Again."
Uncertainties and Distrust
China: Mutual distrust and uncertainty as neither country can make an accurate assessment of the other’s capabilities, intentions, and moves. The China-U.S. relationship is entering a new normal of the simultaneous growth of cooperation and competition
U.S.: America cannot contain or isolate China. China cannot push America out of Asia. But we are not doomed to confrontation.
How to Avoid Strategic Adversaries
China: Keep sustained exchanges on their vision for the future of international order; Deepen understanding of each other's history and culture and avoid strategic miscalculations


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