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Commentaries by Cynthia Estlund

Cynthia Estlund

Professor, New York University School of Law

Cynthia Estlund is the Catherine A. Rein Professor of Law at New York University Law School and a leading scholar of labor and employment law and workplace governance. Her new book, A New Deal for China’s Workers? (Harvard University Press 2017), takes a comparative look at labor unrest and reform in China.
  • Jun 27, 2017

    Ivanka Trump’s brand was bruised when China detained several worker activists investigating her shoe brand. The specter of an independent labor movement both drives and constrains every facet of China's labor policy, both its reforms and its use of repression. Can China’s leaders get past the current period of rising – yet localized and non-political – labor unrest without going down the time-tested road of collective bargaining through independent trade unions?

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