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Commentaries by James Chau

James Chau

Host of The China Current

James Chau is the Host of The China Current and Editor-at-Large of China-US Focus.
  • Dec 05 , 2018

    George HW Bush was the longest-lived president in U.S. history when he died on Friday. Listen to this episode for tributes from global leaders and what he meant to China. Also Xi Jinping and Donald Trump reach an important 90 day truce in the trade dispute, while Dr Tedros, the world's health chief, takes a close look at the ethics of gene-editing.

  • Nov 30 , 2018

    A scientist in China claims to be the first to gene edit a pair of twins. But his 'breakthrough' has triggered controversy - even condemnation - for the way in which it was carried out. But I'm also concerned by the door he's opened stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV.

  • Nov 23 , 2018

    The APEC leaders summit in Papua New Guinea exposed familiar divisions between the US and China and their approach to the 21st century, as globalization continues to come under threat. Plus, China's shoppers break the record on Jack Ma's '11.11 Singles Day'.

  • Nov 05 , 2018

    Tuesday is perhaps the most important midterm election in recent U.S. history. As the Republicans led by President Trump battle for seats, I ask whether anything will change - no matter who wins. Singapore's former prime minister Goh Chok Tong says China is handling its trade war with the U.S. correctly, and we remember Raymond Chow, the film producer who discovered Bruce Lee.

  • Nov 02 , 2018

    Apple CEO Tim Cook is asking Bloomberg to retract its claims that China used microchips to infiltrated U.S. businesses and government agencies. At the same time, President Obama ...

  • Oct 26 , 2018

    Shinzo Abe is in Beijing, the first Japanese prime minister to visit in seven years. Leaders are touting hundreds of business deals, and a peaceful approach to future relations What will this mean?

  • Oct 16 , 2018

    This year’s Nobel Peace Prize has been jointly awarded to Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad, two champions of victims of sexual violence. Listen to analysis on what their win means, Apple and Amazon reject claims of a rogue Chinese chip, plus protestors in France call for action on climate change.

  • Oct 11 , 2018

    Ahead of its meetings this week in Bali, and In part due to the US-China trade war, the IMF has wound down for the global economy. Listen to an interview with Christine Lagarde, who says once again that tariffs spell bad news ...

  • Oct 03 , 2018

    193 member states came together in New York last week, but China and the United States carried the headlines on North Korea and Iran, and with their alternate takes on the future multilateralism.

  • Sep 20 , 2018

    The U.S. went many steps further in the ballooning trade war, by setting tariffs on a further $200bn worth of imports from China – and warning China not to retaliate.

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