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Commentaries by James Chau

James Chau

Host, The China Current with James Chau

James Chau is the host of The China Current with James Chau, and a Goodwill Ambassador for the WHO and UNAIDS.
  • Aug 31 , 2018

    Chen Dingding is professor of International Relations at Jinan University in China's Guangzhou, Non-Resident Fellow at the Global Public Policy Institute in Berlin, and Founder of the Intellisia Institute. He speaks to James Chau about how the exchange of trade tariffs is reshaping the China-US relationship.

  • Aug 28 , 2018

    Public hearings regarding trade tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese goods were doubled in length last week, when American business owners clambered for the chance to speak - and many of them are worried.

  • Aug 22 , 2018

    We live in a world, and at an uncertain time, when we require not just elected politicians, but state figures who exercise authentic and effective moral leadership. I remember Kofi Annan who died on Saturday, our interview in 2015 ...

  • Aug 15 , 2018

    China-US Focus brings you a new, weekly global affairs podcast presented by James Chau. A news anchor who has interviewed many of the world's leading personalities, he explores the bilateral developments that are shaping the China-U.S. relationship. Click on the link above to find out more.

  • Aug 14 , 2018

    The trade war between the U.S. and China has become a new reality for 1.7 billion people. Soybean producers, coffee roasters and agricultural farmers are all unhappy - and they say why exactly on this podcast episode. China will struggle to withstand the tariffs, but the U.S. ...

  • Aug 07 , 2018

    Missouri may only be the 18th most populous U.S. state, but it's a top five producer of both soybeans and rice. Add to that other agricultural products like beef, hay, poultry, cotton and corn, and you get the idea of how important it is. The expanding trade war between the U.S. and China is going to hit states like Missouri and cripple communities.

  • Aug 01 , 2018

    In this episode I follow the story of Chen Dongfan, a Chinese artist from Hangzhou who spent eight days painting a mural onto New York Chinatown's Doyers Street. It's part of an initiative led by New York City, that seeks to bring more foot traffic to an area once known as much for ...

  • Jul 25 , 2018

    As part of a wider Africa visit, Xi Jinping was in Kigali - the first Chinese President ever to visit Rwanda. Paul Kagame described their partnership as a symbol of what is possible. But what are China's intentions in Africa, and is it a two-way relationship? Meanwhile, the trade war with the U.S. rumbles on. Are the American people in support of more tariffs?

  • Jul 18 , 2018

    A hundred years ago this week, the man who would become Nelson Mandela was born. And so began a lifetime of struggle, ideals and triumph. In this episode, I look back at my interview with his grandson Ndaba, whose new book, Going to the Mountain, is newly published ...

  • Jul 11 , 2018

    This episode looks at some of the defining stories of the past seven days. leading-off, China's Premier Li Keqiang meets German Chancellor Angela Merkel, presenting a united front for globalisation. But how far are their respective trade disputes with the U.S. pushing them closer together? ...

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