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How U.S. Benefits from Strong Trade Ties with China

Jul 27 , 2017
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Trade ties between China and the United States have been under close scrutiny since President Trump took office. During the campaign, Trump frequently targeted China as a major threat to the U.S. economy, blaming China for the expanding U.S. trade deficit, job loss, and declining manufacturing. He also pledged to make China a “currency manipulator”.

After the Mar-a-Lago meeting in April between Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping , a 100-day action play was devised to deal with the trade frictions. On July 19th, the first round of U.S.-China Comprehensive Economic Dialogue (CED) was held in Washington, capping the first 100 days of trade negotiations and exploring the next steps. However, no joint statement was issued afterwards and the press conferences were cancelled, leading many observers to believe that the talks fell short of expectations.

China-US Focus has produced a series of interactive graphics to highlight the huge benefits from the bilateral commercial ties – how trading with China has helped create more American jobs, how affordable Chinese products in the U.S. supermarkets have reduced the cost of living and the economic impact of the expanding tourists market due to the influx of Chinese tourists, as well as how the enrolment of more Chinese students in the U.S. universities and colleges and more Chinese investments has enriched local communities.

Please clik here to check out the interactive graphics. You may also view the videos on our YouTube page.



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