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Beijing warns US against trying to contain China’s rise

Oct 31 , 2017

China has fired back at the Trump administration’s plans for a new “Indo Pacific” strategy to counter Beijing’s growing economic and security hold on the region, warning that the world’s two biggest powers should not be treating their rivalry as a “zero-sum game”.

Speaking ahead of a visit to Asia by President Donald Trump later this week, the Chinese ambassador to Washington warned that any US effort to contain China’s rise or intervene in the South China Sea would be viewed with scorn by Beijing. 

“I don’t think it will be in the interest of any countries if their aim is to contain China,” Cui Tiankai said on Monday. “I don’t think anybody would be able to contain China . . . We don’t have a zero-sum game in the Asia-Pacific. We recognise the interest of the United States in the Asia-Pacific and we want to co-operate with the United States.”


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