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China cuts tariffs on imports from South Korea, India and others as trade war with US looms

Jun 27 , 2018

China on Tuesday announced a long list of tariff cuts on imports from South Korea, India, Bangladesh, Laos and Sri Lanka that will take effect on July 1, amid an ongoing trade skirmish with the United States.


The cuts are part of China’s commitments under the Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement signed by the members of a small regional trade bloc that China joined in 2001, before its entry to the World Trade Organisation. The six members agreed to the reduced tariffs in 2016 after a decade of negotiations.

Beijing’s decision to put the agreement into effect next week – five days before US President Donald Trump will impose 25 per cent tariffs on US$34 billion worth of imports from China – comes as the Chinese government tries to rally support to fight “trade protectionism”.

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