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The Partnerships We Need

Sep 10 , 2011

On this 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001, we remember that 9/11 was not only an attack on the United States, it was an attack on the world and on the humanity and hopes that we share.  

We remember that among the nearly 3,000 innocent people lost that day were hundreds of citizens from more than 90 nations.  They were men and women, young and old, of many races and faiths.  On this solemn anniversary we join with their families and nations in honoring their memory.

We remember with gratitude how ten years ago the world came together as one.  Around the globe, entire cities came to a standstill for moments of silence.  People offered their prayers in churches, mosques, synagogues and other places of worship.  And those of us in the United States will never forget how people in every corner of the world stood with us in solidarity in candlelight vigils and among the seas of flowers placed at our embassies.

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Source: Global Times

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