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Commentaries by James Chau

James Chau


A seasoned anchor based in Hong Kong.
  • Apr 16 , 2019

    James Chau, host of At Large, the in-house podcast of China-US Focus, interviewed Peking University Professor Wang Jisi in Hong Kong, during which the prominent Chinese scholar of American studies discussed the recent media reports of FBI barring some Chinese scholars from visiting the U.S. over spying fears, the rise of racial profiling in the U.S. and racial discrimination across the world. Professor Wang also discussed the growing U.S.-China rivalry, the concerns that China is moving backward, and his optimism that China is ultimately moving in the right direction.

  • Apr 16 , 2019

    A 200 year-old Swiss textile company finds inspiration from the snowy Forbidden City to historical motifs in Chinese design. Camilla Fischbacher talks to James Chau about her family's legendary brand, Christian Fischbacher, and how the melting pot of globalization is shaping contemporary design, fashion, art, and architecture across both the West and the East.

  • Apr 09 , 2019

    Bill Gates says she's changing the game. So does Al Gore. Tech teen Emma Yang, who grew up in Hong Kong and now lives in New York, loves her grandmother so much, she's created an app that uses facial-recognition technology to ensure that her family - and potentially millions more - can communicate meaningfully with people with Alzheimer's. James Chau met Emma in New York, where she gave him a preview of her Timeless app and discussed how humanizing technology can help create a better world.

  • Apr 02 , 2019

    Millions of young Chinese are heading West to study, transforming the educational experiences of Chinese and Americans alike. Nini Suet is enmeshed in this world. The Beijing-born Princeton grad started an education business that tutors young Chinese for boarding schools in America, and prepares them to interact with an entirely new culture. She talks to James Chau about the magic that happens when these Chinese young people come together to with their American counterparts.

  • Mar 29 , 2019

    We're condemned to cooperate, because if we don’t, we are really just condemned.

  • Mar 26 , 2019

    After 30 years as one of the world's greatest violinists, Tasmin Little recently announced her retirement. She speaks to James Chau about her incredible life, and how her musical talents led her to become one of the first people to enter China after it began opening its borders to the world.

  • Mar 26 , 2019

    James Chau on March 24, 2019 interviewed Joseph Nye, University Distinguished Service Professor of Harvard Kennedy School, in Cambridge, MA. Professor Nye is also a contributor to China-US Focus.

  • Mar 15 , 2019

    Novelist and New York Times writer Ming Liu, who turns her voice to maybe China's greatest export – food. But what makes it so good? Interview by James Chau.

  • Jan 28 , 2019

    Bob Holden talks about finding common ground with the Chinese.

  • Jan 28 , 2019

    Wu Xinbo talks history and globalization.

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