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Law Enforcement Intensity to Speed up in China

Apr 01, 2011

A socialist system of laws with Chinese characteristics has been established, top legislator Wu Bangguo announced in his report of the work of the Standing Committee of the Nation People's Congress (NPC) delivered at the second plenary meeting of the Fourth Session of the 11th NPC on Thursday, or March 10.

The goal has been attained "on schedule", Wu said. This is a major milestone in the history of the development of China's socialist democratic legal system and has great immediate and far-reaching historical significance. This socialist system of laws has touched off heated discussion on among NPC deputies in their panel discussions.

In his report, Wu reviewed the process of forming the socialist system of laws with salient Chinese features, which shows the Communist Party of China (CPC) is clear-headed, firm and steadfast politically, truth seeking in social practices, and forward exploring and innovative with the legal theory, said Li Zhanshu, Party secretary of southwest China's Guizhou province. The organic unity adherence to leadership by the Party, ensuring that people are masters of the country and governing the country in accordance with law must be held, and this constitutes the core of the socialist system of law with Chinese hallmarks.

Qin Peihua, Ji Ye and Hou Linliang are People's Daily reporters.


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