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Taiwan, South China Sea & Mar-a-Lago

May 02 , 2017
Former Vice Foreign Minister Mr. He Yafei touches upon the issues of Taiwan and South China Sea in the third part of "He Talks", claiming that Taiwan is "the core of the core interests of China". On the future of China-U.S. relations, Mr. He says frictions and confrontations might pop up in the short term, but the two countries are wise enough to manage their differences.
About "He Talks"
Mr. He Yafei has always been a person in the know. As one of the top diplomats with China's Foreign Ministry during the first decade of the 21st century, Mr. He directed China's teams in multilateral international negotiations, including the climate change talks, and dealt directly with the U.S. State Department at key junctures in bilateral ties. After his retirement from the public service, he became a sought-after public speaker, an academic on globalization and China's diplomacy, and a strong advocate for a robust China-US relationship. With "He Talks", we are tapping into this veteran Chinese diplomat-turned academic for his take on issues pertinent to China-US relations.
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