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  • Ted Galen Carpenter Senior Fellow, Cato Institute

    Sep 22 , 2020

    Washington is sending an unsubtle message to Beijing that U.S. military support for Taiwan is no longer ambiguous or hesitant.

  • Yan Yu Commentator on Taiwan affairs

    Sep 18 , 2020

    Will the United States fight for the island or forsake it? It’s a central question, as a series of statements by Washington hawks and moves in Congress edge toward confrontation. A protracted war is one possible outcome. Loss of U.S. credibility in the Asia-Pacific is another.

  • Dennis V. Hickey James F. Morris Endowed Professor of Political Science, Missouri State University

    Jul 13 , 2020

    Among the mounting tensions in the US-China relationship, the Taiwan issue is the only issue that could turn the “war of words” into a true war.

  • Patrick Mendis Visiting Professor of Global Affairs, National Chengchi University

    Fu-Kuo Liu Director of the Taiwan Center for Security Studies in Taipei

    Jun 05 , 2020

    The pandemic has deepened the waters in cross-Strait relations. As President Tsai takes office for her second term, US-China-Taiwan relations face new challenges.

  • Yan Yu Commentator on Taiwan affairs

    May 27 , 2020

    Taiwan’s re-elected leader masked her Taiwan independence agenda with delicate words, but her meaning was unmistakable. She is moving inexorably toward a separation through incremental steps. Can a crisis be averted?

  • Zhu Songling Professor, Beijing Union University

    May 25 , 2020

    Tsai Ing-wen’s second inaugural message on May 20 was a dangerous one, reinforcing the notion that the island is already de facto independent and willing to be a geopolitical chess piece for the United States.

  • Li Yan Deputy Director of Institute of American Studies, CICIR

    May 24 , 2020

    The United States is clearly trying to leverage the island to its advantage against Beijing. But the matter is so sensitive that it could trigger a confrontation. It has already eroded trust and reduced the space for effective crisis management.

  • Chen Pingping Deputy director of the Research Center for Maritime Economy

    Apr 27 , 2020

    The TAIPEI Act, passed by the U.S. Congress and signed into law by Donald Trump, will not benefit the island. Taiwan is being used as a pawn by the U.S. to gain leverage against Beijing.

  • Tian Feilong Associate Professor, the Law School of Beihang University

    Mar 26 , 2020

    The U.S. and Taiwan have engineered a number of in-cremental breakthroughs and are using the coronavirus epidemic to create another. These moves damage Chi-nese sovereignty and violate international law. It’s un-likely to end well.

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