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  • Patrick Mendis Visiting Professor of Global Affairs, National Chengchi University

    Fu-Kuo Liu Director of the Taiwan Center for Security Studies in Taipei

    Jun 05 , 2020

    The pandemic has deepened the waters in cross-Strait relations. As President Tsai takes office for her second term, US-China-Taiwan relations face new challenges.

  • Yan Yu Commentator on Taiwan affairs

    May 27 , 2020

    Taiwan’s re-elected leader masked her Taiwan independence agenda with delicate words, but her meaning was unmistakable. She is moving inexorably toward a separation through incremental steps. Can a crisis be averted?

  • Zhu Songling Professor, Beijing Union University

    May 25 , 2020

    Tsai Ing-wen’s second inaugural message on May 20 was a dangerous one, reinforcing the notion that the island is already de facto independent and willing to be a geopolitical chess piece for the United States.

  • Li Yan Deputy Director of Institute of American Studies, CICIR

    May 24 , 2020

    The United States is clearly trying to leverage the island to its advantage against Beijing. But the matter is so sensitive that it could trigger a confrontation. It has already eroded trust and reduced the space for effective crisis management.

  • Chen Pingping Deputy director of the Research Center for Maritime Economy

    Apr 27 , 2020

    The TAIPEI Act, passed by the U.S. Congress and signed into law by Donald Trump, will not benefit the island. Taiwan is being used as a pawn by the U.S. to gain leverage against Beijing.

  • Tian Feilong Associate Professor, the Law School of Beihang University

    Mar 26 , 2020

    The U.S. and Taiwan have engineered a number of in-cremental breakthroughs and are using the coronavirus epidemic to create another. These moves damage Chi-nese sovereignty and violate international law. It’s un-likely to end well.

  • Dennis V. Hickey James F. Morris Endowed Professor of Political Science, Missouri State University

    Nov 06 , 2019

    History shows that when necessary, Washington will sacrifice Taiwan’s interests in order to achieve US foreign policy goals. Today, Taiwan might find itself as collateral damage in the US-China trade war.

  • Ted Galen Carpenter Senior Fellow, Cato Institute

    Oct 02 , 2019

    The candidates for Taiwan’s upcoming election represent two distinct competing ideologies concerning Taiwan’s autonomy under mainland China. The outcome of the election could change the course of history for China-U.S.-Taiwan relations.

  • John Gong Research Fellow, Charhar Institute

    Sep 27 , 2019

    The Solomon Islands recently broke diplomatic ties with Taiwan in favor of switching relations to China. This is only the most recent loss to Taiwan’s diplomatic community, as countries increasingly see the economic and strategic benefit of siding with China. Such shifts in the geopolitics of the Pacific region arouse great concern on the part of the United States, which fears the economic and military expansion of China. Given China’s extensive shipping and trade network in the region however, China’s interest in bolstering its defense capabilities should come as no surprise.

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