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Commentaries by Zhang Jun

Zhang Jun

Dean, School of Economics, Fudan University

Zhang Jun is Dean of the School of Economics at Fudan University and Director of the China Center for Economic Studies, a Shanghai-based think-tank.
  • May 29 , 2018

    China’s response – increasing imports and accelerating domestic structural reforms – will support high-quality long-term growth.

  • Sep 12 , 2017

    Over the last decade, China has been working to shift from a manufacturing-led growth model fueled by low-cost labor to an innovation-led, higher-value-added model underpinned by strong productivity gains. Currently, though China is the world’s most populous country and its second-largest economy, and the country’s urbanization rate remains well below the global average.

  • Jun 08 , 2017

    Weak demand is dragging down China’s economic growth. While necessary to mitigate financial risk, will not resolve China’s monetary conundrum, much less protect China’s economy from the consequences of a financial crisis in the long run.

  • Mar 20 , 2017

    Last month, China commemorated the 20th anniversary of the death of Deng Xiaoping, the chief architect of the economic reform and opening up that catapulted the country to the top rungs of the global economic ladder. The anniversary comes at a time when economic openness is under threat, as the United States is now being led by a president who believes that the way to “make America great again” is to close it off from the world.

  • Jul 04 , 2016

    The accuracy of China’s official GDP and growth rates has long been a hotly debated topic, with the detention in January of Wang Baoan, the director of the country’s National Bureau of Statistics, on graft charges intensifying doubts about the agency’s integrity.

  • Dec 17 , 2015

    The International Monetary Fund’s recent decision to add the Chinese renminbi to the basket of currencies that determine the value of its reserve asset, the Special Drawing Right, has captured headlines around the world. But the SDR itself has not exactly dominated discussions – much less transactions – since its creation in 1969. So does the decision really matter?

  • Jan 27 , 2014

    Over the last two decades, a consensus about China's growth model has emerged, with observers arguing that a shift to an intensive, efficiency-driven growth is essential. But empirical research reveals a critical flaw in this assessment – namely, that annual efficiency gains in China far exceed those of the US.

  • Nov 16 , 2013

    Zhang Jun examines the factors affecting China’s potential rate of GDP growth.

  • Jul 02 , 2013

    Everyone is talking about China’s economic slowdown, writes Zhang Jun. But, as Premier Li Keqiang seems to recognize, this trend could actually be beneficial, spurring the structural reforms that China needs.

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