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  • Andrew Sheng Distinguished Fellow at the Asia Global Institute at the University of Hong Kong

    Xiao Geng President of the Hong Kong Institution for International Finance

    Jul 02 , 2020

    Despite former US National Security Adviser John Bolton’s juicy revelations about Trump’s conduct of foreign policy, his book does little to answer the fundamental question facing the US: Is its current foreign-policy muddle Trump’s fault, or the result of something deeper and more structural?

  • Zhang Jun Dean, School of Economics, Fudan University

    Jul 02 , 2020

    Widespread lockdowns and border closures aimed at combating the COVID-19 pandemic have interrupted global supply chains and largely paralyzed the global economy. Yet, the real weakness of today’s global economy is not the vulnerability of its globalized production networks, but rather souring attitudes toward globalization – and toward China in particular.

  • Wu Zhenglong Senior Research Fellow, China Foundation for Int'l Studies

    Jul 02 , 2020

    The pandemic has become a catalyst that’s driving people to reflect on the whole concept of globalization. It may be that the system we have lived with for 40 years has reached the end of its cycle.

  • He Wenping Senior Fellow, Charhar Institute

    Jul 02 , 2020

    Summit carried a powerful message of solidarity against COVID-19 — reinforced by President Xi Jinping. It’s the right moment for Chinese and African leaders to create a new foundation for future cooperation.

  • Fu Ying Chair, Center for International Security and Strategy, Tsinghua University

    Jun 28 , 2020

    A desirable prospect for future China-U.S. relations is that rational deliberations prevail and the two parties formulate a stable relationship of “coopetition.” Unfortunately, the current U.S. administration has little interest in moving in that direction.

  • Lucio Blanco Pitlo III Research Fellow, Asia-Pacific Pathways to Progress

    Jun 22 , 2020

    Three directions are possible for a post-pandemic China that is reassessing its domestic and international goals. Whichever direction it chooses will have implications beyond its borders.

  • Tao Wenzhao Researcher, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

    Jun 19 , 2020

    Globalization is going to continue, but some rules and practices may need to be adjusted. The world should be open to such adjustments but continue to oppose economic nationalism and trade protectionism.

  • Elizabeth Drew Washington-based Journalist

    Jun 13 , 2020

    It has been a calamity for the United States that, when two national tragedies – the COVID-19 crisis and the country’s legacy of racism – collided this spring, the occupant of the White House was an unstable person, totally unfit to govern.

  • Ma Shikun Senior Journalist, the People’s Daily

    Jun 13 , 2020

    U.S. President Donald Trump has forced a series of actions that have undermined the confidence of America’s allies. Media accounts are replete with evidence of a philosophical split.

  • Yuan Youwei Deputy Director of the Department of External Affairs, CCIEE

    Jun 13 , 2020

    China-U.S. relations must not be allowed to slide toward a new Cold War or even military conflict. The two countries, and the world at large, have too much to lose. If official cooperation is not achievable, then connections at other levels should take its place.

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