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Commentaries by Yan Yu

Yan Yu

Current Affairs Commentator on Taiwan affairs

Yan Yu is a current affairs commentator on Taiwan affairs.
  • Sep 18 , 2020

    Will the United States fight for the island or forsake it? It’s a central question, as a series of statements by Washington hawks and moves in Congress edge toward confrontation. A protracted war is one possible outcome. Loss of U.S. credibility in the Asia-Pacific is another.

  • May 27 , 2020

    Taiwan’s re-elected leader masked her Taiwan independence agenda with delicate words, but her meaning was unmistakable. She is moving inexorably toward a separation through incremental steps. Can a crisis be averted?

  • Jan 07 , 2019

    Force will only be used against pro-independence troublemakers, not loyal Taiwanese compatriots.

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