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Chinese Views on Global Governance Since 2008–9: Not Much New

Mar 15 , 2016

China’s ideology of global governance shows much continuity between the pre- and post-2008–9 periods. Authoritative Chinese views all generally indicate that China’s proposed changes to the existing international order—such as reforms to correct “unjust” arrangements, strengthen the influence of developing countries, expand the idea of state sovereignty into new areas of state behaviors, and buttress the equality of sovereignty—are adjustments only, not radical acts departing from it. Indeed, China reaffirms its commitment to an open economic system and other longstanding features of the Liberal International Order, even while resisting proposed changes regarding, for example, humanitarian intervention. Thus, differences between pre- and post-2008–9 are largely matters of degree, not kind.  Nevertheless, some non-authoritative sources since 2008–9 suggest a percolating debate within China over Beijing’s rigid support for state sovereignty and its past relatively passive stance toward many areas of global governance.

Chinese Views on Global Governance Since 2008–9: Not Much New

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