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China Signals It Is Willing to Return to Trade Talks With U.S.

Jun 02 , 2019

After weeks of escalating trade tensions with the U.S., China modulated its rhetoric, suggesting negotiations remain a priority and laying out conditions for doing so.

A government policy paper on trade issues with the U.S. released Sunday accused Washington of scuttling the negotiations, which broke down in all but name last month. It said the Trump administration’s “America First” program and use of tariffs are harming the global economy and that China wouldn’t shy away from a trade war if need be.

Throughout the document and at a briefing, the government suggested a willingness to return to negotiations. “What truly matters is how to enhance mutual trust, promote cooperation and manage differences,” the paper said. Vice Commerce Secretary Wang Shouwen told reporters, “We’re willing to adopt a cooperative approach to find a solution.” 

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