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June 30, 2023
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Dear Focus Readers,

I'm just back to Hong Kong from the World Economic Forum in Tianjin where China's Premier Li Qiang called on international entrepreneurs to drive economic globalization and steer humanity to a sustainable future.

With populism and protectionism both on the rise, there was a strong feeling among the delegates that technology is the hope of the future, despite persistent concerns around the use of artificial intelligence and other emerging innovations. But I believe the answer is still rooted in people. An improved relationship between American and Chinese leaders and people would help us find solutions to climate change, debt risks, slowing growth, growing inequality, and ultimately, lasting peace.

As I discussed in an op-ed this week for the South China Morning Post, increased educational and people-to-people exchanges between Chinese and U.S. citizens would further help broaden communication and generate trust between our nations.

Trust-building is the epicenter of our work at the China-United States Exchange Foundation—and if I have one takeaway from this year's Summer Davos, it is that the global potential will never be realized until these two countries believe in each other.

James Chau
President, China-United States Exchange Foundation

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Quote of the Week
"Preventing war, or even escalating unintended conflicts, will be the foremost test for bilateral ties in the years to come."
Zhao Minghao
Professor, Institute of International Studies, Fudan University

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Comment from our Community
"Mutual receptiveness to each other's concerns and interests is imperative for both China and the U.S. This necessitates the deliberate abandonment of preconceived notions and biases, fostering an environment conducive to considering the potential legitimacy of the opposing party's concerns."
Matt Weaver, CEO & Founder of Vital Pacific and the Artisan Workshop
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