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  • Joan Johnson-Freese Professor, US Naval War College

    Oct 25 , 2016

    The article details the history and hopeful future of the Chinese Space Program which will likely soon include a manned lunar mission. The program overall has, to some degree, emulated the step-by-step approach of the Apollo program; but, key differences, partnerships, and planning have shaped the slow growing but ultimately successful program. The Chinese space community learned a great deal from Apollo, including how not to get politically backed into in a corner as the U.S. did in its Cold War quest to “beat the Russians” in space.

  • Zhao Weibin Researcher, PLA Academy of Military Science

    Jun 26 , 2013

    The rapidly developing Chinese space program contains several misconceptions including China is looking to extend military power, China is weaponizing space and that Chinese space activity is a threat to the US. As Zhao Weibin explains, China, has only peaceful space goals.

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