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China-US Focus

  • Nov 24 , 2019

    TikTok CEO Alex Zhu claims that TikTok stores all user data in Virginia-- not China.

  • Nov 18 , 2019

    BRICS leaders did not refer to the United States by name, but nonetheless were highly critical of growing protectionism.

  • Nov 12 , 2019

    The much-touted Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) is to be signed next year, without India.

  • Nov 04 , 2019

    As China rolls out commercial 5G mobile services, Washington's blacklist presents a roadblock.

  • Oct 28 , 2019

    U.S.-China relations faces new obstacles as visa process and travels of diplomats are tightening.

  • Oct 21 , 2019

    Beijing and Washington are close to reach a deal for Trump and Xi to sign off when they meet in Chile in Nov.

  • Oct 14 , 2019

    China and the U.S. reached a "phase one" agreement to deescalate the trade war.

  • Oct 08 , 2019

    China unveiled this week photos of its next-generation spacecraft that would allow astronauts to travel to the moon.

  • Sep 30 , 2019

    Worries and concerns of possible dangers of a world divided in two dominates the UN General Assembly in New York.

  • Sep 23 , 2019

    U.S. senators have proposed to bar China Unicom and China Telecom from doing business in the United States.

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