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Commentaries by Eric Farnsworth

Eric Farnsworth

Vice President, COA, Washington D.C. Office

Eric Farnsworth is Vice President of the Council of the Americas and Americas Society, heading the Washington, DC, office since 2003.
  • Jan 08 , 2018

    U.S. policy-makers must recognize that the most productive path forward is not to maneuver into constant conflict with China but rather to concentrate on our own competitiveness, to restore a sense of national unity, and to re-emerge from the current political cycle as an example of an open market democracy that others are both willing and able to emulate.

  • Sep 08 , 2017

    The avowed purpose of this latest trip of the Mexican president, which occurred even as officials from the United States and Canada were in Mexico City conducting the second round of NAFTA negotiations, was to build further economic links with BRICS nations, in particular China. Arguably, however, the real if unstated purpose of Pena Nieto’s visit to China while NAFTA negotiations were in progress in his own country was to show Mexico’s ability to diversify its economic relations beyond the United States. 

  • Jun 26 , 2017

    The United States, China, and other nations are now faced with the decision as whether they will work together to put Venezuela on a more sustainable political and economic course. At some point soon, Beijing will have to determine whether China stands a better chance of realizing its fundamental interests by supporting Maduro or by working with the international community to press for change.

  • Mar 01 , 2017

    The people of Ecuador will be choosing the fundamental direction of their nation on April 2, and they have a distinct choice. And the choice they make will also impact Ecuador’s relations with its neighbors and also international partners including China and the United States.

  • Dec 22 , 2016

    China’s entry into Latin America since the beginning of the century has altered regional dynamics, providing opportunities for Latin American and Caribbean nations to diversify beyond a traditional reliance on the U.S. market. As the United States pulls up hemispheric stakes on trade, China is already positioning itself to rush in.

  • Sep 20 , 2016

    Prime Minister Trudeau must introduce greater balance into Canada’s international trade profile in order to diversify from an overwhelming reliance on the United States and towards a bilateral relationship that will ensure trade growth with China, Canada’s second largest trade partner.

  • Jul 29 , 2016

    In the run-up to Rio, the next three Olympic hosts, all Asian nations, must understand the broader implications and global expectations that come with hosting this event. The Olympics may have grown too weighed down by excessive external baggage to be sustainable in their current form, something that will have to be taken into account moving forward.

  • Jun 28 , 2016

    The bilateral U.S. – China Strategic and Economic Dialogue has served as a critically important mechanism by which both governments have developed the means to discuss core issues in the economic relationship. As China’s dash for economic growth continues, pressure will be on both the United States and China to ensure these discussions deliver concrete results.

  • Apr 18 , 2016

    The history of U.S. engagement in global commerce is intricately intertwined with the Panama Canal. China, through a private investment partnership, has made plans to construct a similar canal through Nicaragua. Though the countries own politics will determine its viability, environmental and funding issues may derail it sooner.

  • Oct 02 , 2015

    In some ways, Xi’s state visit was really a summit on cyber security, as allegations of spying and theft of national security information and commercial intellectual property have threatened to derail attempts to expand cooperation between the world’s largest economies. The parallels with the nuclear age are obvious, and so is the mutual benefit of cyber detente.

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