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Scientist Hits Back at US University Over ‘Unusual and Abrupt’ Sacking in China Funding Ties Case

May 28 , 2019

A Chinese-American scientist, who along with this wife was sacked by US-based Emory University for allegedly undisclosed funding ties to China, has disputed the “unusual and abrupt” way he was thrown out of a job.

Li Xiaojiang, a biologist at Emory for more than 20 years, said he was “shocked” that the private university in Atlanta, Georgia, sacked him without “specific details” to explain why, a report on Science magazine’s website said.

Emory said Li and his wife Li Shihua – both US citizens and both biology professors – failed to “fully disclose” overseas sources of research funding and their professional ties to China. The university then fired the couple on May 16 when Li Xiaojiang was in China.


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