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July 21, 2023
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Dear Focus Readers,

After months of little to no dialogue between Beijing and Washington, this summer has proven to be one brimming with activity. It has produced a series of diplomatic exchanges between high-level officials and multiple trips to China made by U.S. leaders, including Antony Blinken, Janet Yellen, John Kerry, and most recently, renowned former diplomat Henry Kissinger.

During his trip, Kissinger met with Xi Jinping and emphasized that the relationship between the United States and China is crucial for the peace and prosperity of both countries and the world as a whole. The visit is one of immense historical significance, as noted in, "Kissinger's Recent Visit to China," by Sun Chenghao, a fellow at Tsinghua University's Center for International Security and Strategy. It was 52 years ago that Kissinger's landmark visit initiated the normalization of China-U.S. relations, fundamentally altering the course of their relationship and shaping the trajectory of global development. As we find ourselves at another critical juncture in the U.S.-China relationship, Sun advocates for decision-makers to draw valuable insights from the past 52 years of shared history.

Only time will tell the true impacts of these diplomatic exchanges on the long-term dynamics of the China-U.S. relationship, as well as their potential to foster cooperation and collaboration amid competition. Meanwhile, we invite you to keep reading and delve into our latest Focus content exploring the shifting perspectives of U.S. allies regarding a cross-strait conflict, the repercussions of U.S. sanctions on Chinese tech companies, and the current state of China's economy.

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"Territory and boundaries are a core element in international politics."
Jade Wong
Senior Fellow, Gordon & Leon Institute

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Question of the Week

In today's newsletter, we referenced Sun Chenghao's piece, "Kissinger's Recent Visit to China," exploring the significance of 52 years of diplomacy between the U.S. and China and what must happen to restore the relationship.

We want to hear from you: The U.S.-China relationship is at another critical juncture. Reflecting on historical instances of diplomacy and decision-making, what lessons can we take to navigate the present challenges in the U.S.-China relationship?

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