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China and Hollywood Cooperation to Expand

Feb 18, 2011

AS Hollywood's Christian Bale flew from Gotham City to China's ancient capital Nanjing, the Batman-turned priest, who is about to witness a massacre in World War II, also brought a new perspective to Chinese and American film makers.

Bale, who won a new Golden Globe trophy for his supporting role in the boxing drama "The Fighter," joined renowned Chinese director Zhang Yimou last month for Zhang's latest feature project, "The 13 Women of Nanjing."

While Zhang admires Bale for his versatility and hardworking spirit, producer Zhang Weiping expects the film, with Bale's global influence, to enter more countries' film markets and make an unprecedented amount of money.

"It's safe to say more Chinese film makers would like to have starring actors who are Hollywood big names or shoot their projects in cooperation with American crews," said You Fei, professor with the School of Cinema and Television of the Communication University of China.

Regarding both concepts and technology, the booming yet green Chinese film industry has long been an apprentice of Hollywood.

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