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Commentaries by Giulio Pugliese

Giulio Pugliese

King’s College London, War Studies

Giulio specialises in the politics, both domestic and international, of the Asia-Pacific with a focus on Japan, China and the United States. He has presented at a variety of venues, and published articles and contributing chapters concerning academic, policy-oriented and commercial themes in Italy, the U.S. and Japan. His most recent, co-authored work, Sino-Japanese Power Politics: Might, Money, Minds (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017), will soon be translated into Korean. Most of his writings are available at:; Twitter handle: @PugliesAsia.
  • Feb 09 , 2018

    Following the opening salvos of U.S. tariffs on solar panels and washing machines, the Trump administration may now also push for a more muscular China policy, to the benefit of Japan’s dealing with China. Make no mistake: while Japan and China relations show signs of a minor détente in the making, this year will witness continued strategic rivalry and the fleshing out of opposing visions of regional, if not global, order.

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