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Commentaries by Zhang Baijia

Zhang Baijia

Former Deputy Director of the Party History Research Center, CPC Central Committee

Zhang Baijia is Former Deputy Director of the Party History Research Center of the CPC Central Committee. He is now Executive Vice President of Chinese Society on the Research of the Figures in the History of CCP, the member of the Academic Committee at CFISS and Institute of Modern History, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences(CASS).
  • Apr 11 , 2019

    China-US relations are entering a new stage of flux. We should remember that history shows how restraint and flexibility can allow the two giants to navigate around tensions in their complex relationship.

  • Dec 19 , 2018

    The challenge for China is how to smoothly navigate through its issues, so as to create a favorable external environment for comprehensively deepening reform, to complete as planned the mission of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, to basically achieve modernization by the middle of this century, and to ultimately accomplish the mission of national reunification.

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