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Living in China
  • Wang Huiyao Founder, Center for China & Globalization

    Miao Lv Founder, Center for China & Globalization

    May 02 , 2017

    The Chinese government’s recent decision to issue “Foreign Permanent Residence Identity Cards” to foreign nationals working in China is a great step forward in facilitating the introduction of overseas talents. The change is not just in name, from the previous “residence permit” to the present “residence ID”.

  • Dan Redford President, Quantify China Associates

    Apr 02 , 2015

    Crowded cities, interrupted Internet, pollution and lower job prospects are among the reasons for an apparent exodus of foreigners from China. The Chinese government is attracting a new generation of adaptable, entrepreneurial expats with innovations like the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, which circumscribes red-tape business registration, and free work spaces for start-ups.

  • Jul 23 , 2014

    As the United States takes action, diplomatically and militarily, in the Asian region, the US has been seen as attempting to contain China. Justin Logan assesses this claim, and introduces the idea that the United States is indeed acting to contain China not so much economically, but militarily.

  • Ryan Todd History & East Asian Studies Graduate, Pepperdine University

    Oct 09 , 2013

    While the thought of transplanting your entire life to a remote region of the globe is daunting to most, an expatriate with experience living throughout the Asia-Pacific explains that nearly anyone can find success in China with the proper planning and priorities.

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