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Commentaries by Ma Shikun

Ma Shikun

Senior Journalist, the People’s Daily

Ma Shikun is a senior commentator at the People’s Daily.
  • Jan 13 , 2020

    Experts at a recent Global Times forum shared diverse views and framed China-U.S. issues in different ways. But the wisdom of Henry Kissinger continued to resonate and point the way forward.

  • Dec 17 , 2019

    Putting yourself in others’ shoes may bring surprises. A China expert explores what makes countries tick, and what drives their perceptions.

  • Oct 24 , 2019

    Positive feedback is abundant about the Belt and Road Initiative and China’s motives for introducing it, suggesting that the negative attitude of the United States so far is unfounded.

  • Sep 27 , 2019

    Despite pressure from President Trump to leave China, American businesses appear to be reluctant to do so. After years of operating profitably in China, and with no viable alternative country to which to transfer operations – including the United States – American businesses will make the financially smart choice of staying put.

  • Sep 02 , 2019

    Two letters recently submitted to the United Nations by different groups of Ambassadors reveal deeply conflicting views of the same situation: conditions at the education and training centers in Xinjiang. A closer look reveals that, as opposed to the dominant view in the west, the education and training centers both uphold the human rights of their participants and have been effective in curbing terrorism.

  • Aug 09 , 2019

    As Trump’s “America First” policy and his penchant for unilateralism drives a wedge between the U.S. and Europe, Europe and China are coordinating and growing closer as they push back against unilateralism.

  • Jun 20 , 2019

    The US has recently accused Chinese scientists and scholars of stealing technological secrets — but this anxiety is nothing new. Ma Shikun recounts his own experiences and those of other Chinese journalists subjected to suspicion in the US over the past two decades.

  • May 24 , 2019

    US Secretary of State Pompeo is acting more like his country’s top spy than its top diplomat—this aggressive posture is disorienting not only China but the world. The Trump administration’s meandering foreign policy has been further damaged by these mixed-up roles.

  • Apr 29 , 2019

    The US has recently begun denying visas to Chinese scholars not just in sensitive high-tech areas, but in the social sciences and liberal arts. These moves not only threaten America’s reputation for open-minded exchange with the outside world—some China experts in the US fear that the FBI’s actions are a warning of even more aggressive and paranoid “decoupling” of US-China relations in the days to come.

  • Mar 22 , 2019

    Whenever the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and National People’s Congress (NPC) hold their annual sessions in March, the subject of Chinese military spending features prominently in US media as evidence of the growing “China threat.” This year is no exception.

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