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Commentaries by Ma Shikun

Ma Shikun

Senior Journalist, the People’s Daily

Ma Shikun is a senior commentator at the People’s Daily.
  • Jun 13 , 2020

    U.S. President Donald Trump has forced a series of actions that have undermined the confidence of America’s allies. Media accounts are replete with evidence of a philosophical split.

  • Apr 13 , 2020

    People of goodwill can see for themselves that China acted responsibly and transparently during the coronavirus outbreak. It bought precious time for the United States and others to respond. Unfortunately, the opportunity was wasted.

  • Mar 10 , 2020

    While a live animal market in Wuhan, Hubei Province, has been widely cited as the source, this has yet to be conclusively proved. The ultimate answer should be used to stop the epidemic, not to place blame.

  • Feb 19 , 2020

    Accolades flow from around the world as an unparalleled effort is made to contain the epidemic. Many countries offer to help as the central government pledges transparency.

  • Feb 04 , 2020

    United States stretches reason past the breaking point as it applies pressure to the company. Britain is adopting the technology anyway, while Meng Wanzhou’s rights continue to be violated in Canada.

  • Jan 13 , 2020

    Experts at a recent Global Times forum shared diverse views and framed China-U.S. issues in different ways. But the wisdom of Henry Kissinger continued to resonate and point the way forward.

  • Dec 17 , 2019

    Putting yourself in others’ shoes may bring surprises. A China expert explores what makes countries tick, and what drives their perceptions.

  • Oct 24 , 2019

    Positive feedback is abundant about the Belt and Road Initiative and China’s motives for introducing it, suggesting that the negative attitude of the United States so far is unfounded.

  • Sep 27 , 2019

    Despite pressure from President Trump to leave China, American businesses appear to be reluctant to do so. After years of operating profitably in China, and with no viable alternative country to which to transfer operations – including the United States – American businesses will make the financially smart choice of staying put.

  • Sep 02 , 2019

    Two letters recently submitted to the United Nations by different groups of Ambassadors reveal deeply conflicting views of the same situation: conditions at the education and training centers in Xinjiang. A closer look reveals that, as opposed to the dominant view in the west, the education and training centers both uphold the human rights of their participants and have been effective in curbing terrorism.

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