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  • Richard Javad Heydarian author of "Asia's New Battlefield: US, China, and the Struggle for Western Pacific"

    Jan 11 , 2018

    ASEAN has ably brought together former rivals and among the world’s most (ideologically and socio-economically) diverse nations under a single roof. Yet, with the rise of China and the demise of the old American-led order, the ASEAN is facing an existential moment, which may require strategic soul-searching and major institutional reforms.

  • Lucio Blanco Pitlo III Lecturer, Chinese Studies Program, Ateneo de Manila University

    Jan 09 , 2018

    Concern over the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s nuclear and missile tests and combating terrorism and extremism constitute two of the key security issues discussed in the recently concluded 31st ASEAN and Related Summits held last November in Manila.

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