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December 15, 2023
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China's Central Economic Work Conference wrapped up this week, where top government leaders, including President Xi Jinping, convened to review China's economic performance 2023 and set the course for 2024. The primary theme of this year's conference was economic development and high-quality growth.

In a speech delivered by Xi, he underscored China's progress amid ongoing challenges, citing COVID-19 recovery, reform, innovation, and social welfare advancements.

Looking ahead, policymakers may target GDP growth at "4.5-5%," said Larry Hu, Macquarie Group's chief China economist. However, doubts among some analysts linger regarding achieving this target without measures to stimulate consumer demand—a factor not addressed in discussions.

Meanwhile, top EU officials, including European Council President Charles Michel and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, traveled to Beijing last week to meet with Xi at the first in-person EU-China summit since 2019.

While discussions emphasized mutual economic cooperation, von der Leyen voiced EU dissatisfaction over trade imbalances and unfair competition, cautioning against undermining European industries. Despite President Xi's positive outlook and emphasis on partnership, the summit concluded without concrete commitments from China, leaving leaders questioning the progress made.

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"As a newly-arrived global power, China is tempted to focus on its relationship with the U.S. and to assert its strength and interests. But China must attend to the foundations of its success."
Brantly Womack
Professor, University of Virginia

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Notable Number

The number of years China committed to partner with Qatar on liquified natural gas (LNG) last month, in efforts to solve its own energy trilemma— the balance between security, sustainability, and affordability.

Read more in "Is China Outpacing the U.S. in its Energy Transition?," by Kathryn Neville, a Masters student at Johns Hopkins University SAIS.

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