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September 29, 2023
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Following a key politburo meeting chaired by Xi Jinping this week, China announced that it will step up anti-corruption efforts in state-owned companies and the financial sector to increase their economic contributions. Notably, Chinese Defense Minister Li Shangfu missed this meeting. While U.S. officials say he has been removed from his post, Chinese authorities have declined to comment on the situation.

Meanwhile, high-level dialogues between China and the U.S. are continuing to pave the way for a Xi-Biden Summit down the road. Both sides are discussing a trip to the U.S. by Vice Premier He Lifeng, who would be the most-senior official to travel to Washington during the Biden administration's tenure. Planning also appears under way for Foreign Minister Wang Yi to visit Washington in October.

Additionally, according to U.S. officials, China recently facilitated the transfer of an American soldier from North Korean custody, after National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan had raised the soldier's case in a meeting 10 days ago with Wang.

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all who celebrate!

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"The drivers of the U.S. economic expansion in the first half of this year — factors such as supply chain localization, advancements in AI technologies, a post-pandemic export resurgence and fiscal incentives — have ignited a significant surge of investment within the U.S. manufacturing sector."
Yu Xiang
Senior Fellow, China Construction Bank Research Institute

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Notable Number

China's share of U.S. semiconductor sales in 2022, as the world's largest semiconductor market.

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