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  • An Gang, Adjunct Fellow, Center for International Security and Strategy, Tsinghua University

    Mar 22, 2024

    What choices should a country make as humanity faces a historical transformation? For China, the answer lies in dismantling the pervasive zero-sum mindset and maintaining an unwavering commitment to win-win cooperation. China and Germany, despite their distinct ideologies and security interests, have the potential to shape a better future.

  • Wu Zhenglong, Senior Research Fellow, China Foundation for International Studies

    Jan 16, 2023

    The tone of the German chancellor’s recent article in Foreign Affairs is on the dovish side — more positive than negative about China-Germany relations. It clearly shows a desire to improve the relationship. However, no one has the final say in a German government rife with conflicts. Only time will tell.

  • Zhang Yun, Associate Professor at National Niigata University in Japan, Nonresident Senior Fellow at University of Hong Kong

    Sep 23, 2019

    The confrontational US attempt to strike China through technological decoupling can only reinforce the notion among Chinese that their country will have to rely on itself in the long term. Chancellor Merkel’s rhetoric was more constructive.

  • Feng Zhongping, Director, Institute of European Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)

    Oct 16, 2017

    Changes in Germany’s political landscape manifested in the election results despite Angela Merkel’s fourth term win. These changes will alter the course of the country’s future.

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