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Commentaries by Yi Fan

Yi Fan

Analyst, Foreign Ministry of China

Yi Fan is an analyst with the Foreign Ministry of China.
  • Jan 25 , 2017

    Nine years after the global financial crisis, while many economies are on the mend, anxiety lingers about the negative side of economic globalization. Populist and protectionist forces dismiss globalization as working against ordinary workers and widening economic inequality. Should globalization be blamed for all the problems facing the world? Is a reversal of globalization the way forward?

  • Jun 17 , 2016

    On Tuesday, senior ASEAN diplomats gathered in Yunnan for a special foreign ministers' meeting with their Chinese counterparts. The idea came from ASEAN countries, the turnout was impressive, and the retreat was deemed "timely and important". Amidst media speculation that the discussion pitted ASEAN against China, it will be useful to take a step back and examine the larger picture.

  • Oct 28 , 2015

    Looking back, the last ten years has been a transformational decade not just for China and Britain, but also for their bilateral relations. As the commercial ties grow more robust, cultural interflows getting more impressive, and collaboration on the international issues intensifies, the two countries are set to usher in a "Golden Decade" in their relations.

  • Sep 29 , 2015

    China and the United States have a deep stake in each other's success, just as the world has a deep stake in a strong and resilient China-US relationship. The Xi-Obama summits have been far more than “power strolls” for the cameras, and we are all better off because of them.

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